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As NOVASAM, we have unchanging principles on which we do not compromise.


Social Research is an important tool for understanding life and the market and making predictions for the future. People are at the core of social research. When we establish relationships with people, we act with the awareness that they are our most valuable resource. We are aware that it is our greatest responsibility both to them and to you to accurately reflect their opinions in the research results, without forgetting that we are their "voice".


We know that as researchers, we also have a past, a way of thinking, and habits. It would not be correct to claim that we can completely isolate ourselves from all these and completely purify our research from our existence. However, there are many points where we ensure that we respect the principle of objectivity from question preparation to data quality control, from analysis to reporting, in other words, at every stage of the research process, to provide unbiased and accurate data. When conducting research, we make sure that we do not give guidance, that we use language in an unbiased manner, that we give every voice an equal chance, that we reach as many different parts of society as possible and that we reflect opposing views. In this way, by distancing ourselves as much as possible from the research results, we reach unbiased conclusions.


When conducting our research, we make a point of using a neutral and inclusive language that considers the sensitivities of all identities. Our top priority is to ensure that participants feel no discomfort during and after the interviews and have no lingering questions in their minds. Therefore, we proceed with this in mind throughout every stage of our research.

Gender Equality

One of our most fundamental principles is gender equality. We take this approach in everything we do and in every relationship we build. We have a structure based on gender equality, not only in work but also in the relationships we build within the company. In line with this, we pay attention to equal pay for those who perform the same and/or similar tasks, place importance on skills and experience for decision-making and leadership positions in the company and consider it essential that everyone can freely and comfortably express their ideas. Furthermore, recognizing gender equality as a principle means that it is considered at all stages of research. That is why we proceed with the following points in every research:


  • The research universe is inclusive

  • Correct, respectful and sensitive language is used

  • People who come into contact with participants are free from sexist discourse and behaviour

  • People who come into contact with the participants are trained about the sensitivities of different identities

  • Participants feel comfortable and safe

  • The report is written from a gender (equality) perspective, and reflect the stories, needs and thoughts of different gender identities and sexual orientations.


We know that research is a teamwork. Every idea is important and brings added value. Therefore, we ask plenty of questions, take initiative; we care for opening a topic for discussion, brainstorm together, and contribute to each other's work. The ambition within us is not against each other but directed towards doing better. It is crucial that everyone believes in and is satisfied with the work done. In other words, we strive to do work that we can all take pride in together.

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