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From SAM Research to NOVASAM

NOVASAM Research and Consultancy was established in Istanbul in April 2022. However, its story goes back much further. As the founding team of NOVASAM, we worked together under the umbrella of SAM Research for many years. During this time, we absorbed SAM's experience, knowledge and culture. We also learned a lot about research ethics and principles in SAM. Team members have taken part in every stage of SAM projects from preparation phase to field work, from analysis to reporting.


We have carried out research studies in many fields such as economy, public opinion, market and brand awareness for local as well as international governmental institutions, NGOs, academics and the private sector. We have undertaken remarkable projects, especially in social research, and accumulated significant experience and knowledge on key issues such as gender, migration, labour force, family relations and local governments.


We visited various provinces of Turkey, as part of the field phase of our qualitative research, and met participants person to person, made observations on-site, contacted local experts, and established deep relationships with NGOs. Thus, we created a comprehensive communication network.


As we carried out the field processes of numerous studies throughout Turkey, we participated in every phase of the research, from on-site interviewer training to supervision, from data checking quality control to data analysis. We also organized workshops as part of our projects.


Now we continue our journey under the umbrella of NOVASAM, which we established as a team, with the support and consultancy of SAM Research.

Company Profile

Founding Team


Fırat Kahyaoğlu

CEO/Project Manager


Aslı Sarıoğlu

General Coordinator/Project Manager


Nesrin Ertürk

Project Manager/Quantitative Research Specialist


Birce Simay Kahyaoğlu

Project Manager/Reporting Specialist


Asuman Türkün_edited.jpg

Prof.  Asuman Türkün

Yıldız Technical University/Department of City and Regional Planning



Cenap Nuhrat

SAM Research/Chairman


Prof. Ünal Halit Özden

Istanbul Commerce University/Department of Statistics


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